Greenhills Basketball Club History

In August of 1970, Bob Plummer along with his two sons Daren and Greg and five of their friends from Greenhills Primary School, started training. After eight weeks they entered competition at Coburg Stadium and were runners up in the Summer under 10 competition. During the next year their neighbours, Shirley & Graham Pollard started a team each, and from there basketball teams in Greenhills grew at a rapid rate. In 1974 a group of parents decided there were advantages to be gained by being one club, and the Greenhills Basketball Club was born and very quickly grew into many boys, girls, men’s and ladies teams.

It was always felt by the original members of the Club, that in order to give budding junior basketball players the best chance at learning sport that they needed to be properly coached and trained, and this could not happen without our own clubrooms. In September 1976 the Club called a meeting of its members, to discuss the possibility of the Club proceeding to build its own recreational & training facility. Of the total 187 families, only 37 families were represented.

Four sites were investigated over a period of time. These were Churinga, the now site of the Baseball Club in Karingal Drive, Diamond Hills where the Special School now stands, and Greenhills Primary School. Many late nights were spent making a decision, only for the chosen site to become unavailable.

A joint venture between the Education Department, Greenhills School Council, Diamond Valley Shire Council and the Greenhills Basketball Club was the eventual outcome. An agreement was drawn up between the parties concerned and rules were set down for the allocation of shared usage.

A co-operative was formed by the GABC so that we could borrow the funds needed to meet our commitments. The first 2,500 shares were issued in November 1978. at 10cent per share. The interest rate on the loan was 13.5% at the time of setting up the Co-operative. Seven members of the Greenhills Basketball Club committee accepted the roles of Directors to oversee the construction and continue the management of the building. Two representatives from the Basketball Club, one from the D.V. Shire Council and two from the School Council became the Management Committee and it was their responsibility to oversee the proper care and maintenance of the building. In July 1984 the building opened for use.

Of those seven original Directors, 6 were still working hard for the betterment of basketball at the beginning of 2009 and only one of them has any real involvement with the Club and that is through a grandchild. A son & a daughter of two of the above came on to the Committee to bring in the perspective of the next generation.

The building is used for training purposes for the Greenhills Basketball Club at a nominal fee. It is also rented out to three other basketball bodies during the evening and week-end to raise the funds to maintain the running costs of such a facility. Some local bodies in the Community are allowed the use of the Community Room at no charge for their monthly meetings. The Hall is no longer hired out for parties etc. as the resulting damage to the floor surface created problems for the players.

Written by Shirley Pollard – March 2010